Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Package Address, Etc.

Since moving in to this apartment complex, my roommates and I have discovered that packages larger than a shoebox end up being held at the post office in downtown Leuven, or even at a shipping facility in Brussels, instead of being delivered to our door or put aside for us to retrieve somewhere in our building. After quelling an outbreak of the solipsistic rage that I have begun experiencing with some regularity since leaving the states, I pleasantly discovered that there is an alternative address for packages that will result in their being held for us, conveniently and reasonably, in an adjacent building! It is with delight that I now pass on to you our packages-only address:

 Regina Mundi Leuven
 Martyn Jones, Jeremy Heuslein, and Dan Leonard (Studio C 3.19)
Janseniusstraat 38
3000 Leuven

Please continue to send other mail to the previously-posted Minderbroedersstraat 21 address. 


I wish to enact a new policy, starting with this post, and it shall be called: responding to comments. To contextualize this a little bit, when I started blogging for Everydayness last fall, I had a strange idea about "professionalism" with regard to public writing; it entailed my disappearing from view after putting up each post, and holding back from interacting with any followup remarks (except, of course, in cases where my pride urged me to defend myself for something). 

My reasons for doing this at the time are largely inchoate and sub-rational to me now, as in retrospect they probably were to me back then (sometimes, you just have to go with your instincts to get things done). But in any case, from this day forward I wish to reply to every person who is so kind as to reply to the content of this fledgling blog, as it struggles to get to its wobbly feet


So far, this blog has been concerned almost exclusively with the mechanics of making life work in a foreign context. I love the way that this sort of experience naturally leads to missteps and moments of revealed, unavoidable ineptitude, and how humanizing those moments can be when translated into a narrative form, for the agent of ineptitude himself and for other people. However, as my roommates and I gain speed and momentum in our program, I am going to be increasingly drawn to using this space to work out thesis-related ideas. My good friend and roommie (and future something-in-law or whatever), Jeremy, has been using his blog for just this purpose.

My question, if you'd be so kind as to respond, is: would you rather I leave the theological and philosophical speculations to Everydayness, or might I put up some of those thoughts here? I only ask because a lot of it will likely end up being pretty dry, and I certainly don't want to bore anyone. 

To be clear, the foibles will undoubtedly continue; the question is only whether the inclusion of less personal content would be welcome or unwelcome among the compassionate, intelligent, and patient people who take a weekly glance at this congealed mess of text and photos. 

Okay, great. Cheers everybody; back to the books for me. 


  1. I can comment now. I could not before. Seriously one of the main reasons I went through the steps to get this ability was because it was bugging me to not be able to comment on your site.

    Personally, the thing that keeps ME from responding to comments is that then it makes it look like I got more comments than I did. But I'm with you that it's a good idea to answer them.

    I like the word inchoate. And at the risk of sounding like a bad friend, I can never read very long philosophical and complicated blog posts. And trust me, I've tried. Sometimes multiple times. I can read short and difficult, or long and easy, but if there will be long and difficult posts I (for one) will sadly have to skip them. Not because I want to. Also, no matter how I feel about the author. Man, this comment is making me realize important things about my attention span. Thanks, supercurriculum!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Karin! The reason you gave for not commenting on your own blog was another reason why I didn't want to do it initially, I think.

    Thanks also for your insight on post length and complexity; I think you give voice to most readers' preferences when you say you're up for either short and difficult or long and easy. I have the same preference when I read other blogs. I will keep this in mind and do my best to keep thesis-related posts short.

  3. Bore me!

    (Couldn't resist. No reply necessary...)

    1. Martyn, you ought to at least move your packages-and-otherwise identity to the States! How will we know where to send our old boots and care packages? XD

    2. Hallo Marly -

      The new address is now up! So apply your permanent marker to the wall of that boot, and maybe stick some Halloween candy in there too!